Ultralite clamp-on 13.3 Monitor articulating Long arm Holder 1080p IPS Display Dual HDMI

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This ultra light weight 13.3′ IPS monitor and swing arm mount combo is designed for any adjustable height situation. It can be an ideal bedroom pc monitor, or garage monitor, store monitor. It’s barely heavier than an ipad and can be easily clamped on any surface. The swing arm is weight optimized and designed to stay in place WITHOUT tightening/untighten any screws, unlike other universal monitor mounts. The high quality IPS monitor works as any regular full-size HDMI monitor, compatible with PC/MAC/xbox/PS4 etc. A power adapter is included; but the monitor may also take micro USB power cable from PC as a power alternative. A second portfolio cover/stand is included as a bonus in addition to the swing arm stand. Specs: High quality 13.3 Inch 1920×1080 resolution IPS monitor, 178 degree view angle, 5ms response time. With long arm articulating stand that can rotate 360 degree. Perfect for sit-standing, gaming and store monitor purposes. With extra folding stand / carrying case for portability. Dual HDMI Connects to PC, Mac, consoles and any device with HDMI. Serve as PRIMARY regular monitor for any device. Can be easily clamped on, adjust heights readily, also perfect as a utility monitor. Compact and super light design, less than 2 lb convenient to carry anywhere in backpack. With speakers as HDMI audio output. US seller fast shipping.



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