COSY 2-Digit Take A Number System, 4 Digits

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COSY 2 DIGIT NUMBER DISPLAY SYSTEM 4 Inches (10 cm) High RED LED DIGITS Single Key Automatic Number Increment Facility. Built-in UP /DOWN COUNTER Very useful for queue management at various service providing counters. Also useful in sports as Score Board and Racing Track Lap Counter etc. Display has bright RED LEDs for daylight use. Features : * Simple operation and easy to install. * Large sized 4 inches high RED LED Displays, visible from more than 80 feet distance. * Single key automatic UP /DOWN counting. * Sounds pleasant bell with every change of number. ( If required bell can be kept switched off using the switch provided at display ) * Modular Socket provided for connecting two remote push buttons to increase or decrease numbers serially . Handy control panel having two push buttons for sending UP & DOWN pulses with 3 meter cable is shipped with system. * Control unit with feather touch heavy duty key board. * Robust design. Lightweight ABS Plastic molded control cabinet & lightweight LED display. Installation : 1. Connect the Display with main control unit by connector cable provided. 2. Connect Mains cable of console to 110V/220 VAC . 3. Switch ON the system by RED Power ON/OFF switch provided at side. Operation: Manual Mode : Press any required number of up to 2 digits while watching in small display of console. Use Clear Key C if required. Press the Bell Key B to send the number in main LED display and sound the musical tone . To call the same number again just press B Key. Auto Mode : Press any required starting number up to 2 digits in Manual mode. Change the switch to Auto Mode . Now when any of the number key 0 to 9 is pressed , the display will show the incremented next token number . (Automatic bell also sounds with every change of number). To decrease the numbers use clear key. Numbers can also be serially increased or decreased in Auto mode through external wired push control provided.



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